Wotofo Ultra 3000 Puffs Disposable Vape Device

Puffs: Up to 3000 Puffs
E-liquid Capacity: 8.5ml,
Nicotine Strength: 5%,
Wire Coil Resistance: 1.4Ω mesh Coil(nexMesh Tech),
Battery Capacity: 550mAh,
Body Material: Food Grade PC,
Charging Port: Micro-USB,
Dimensions: 24.6*112.8mm.
The Wotofo Ultra Disposable Vape Device boasts a 550 mAh battery capacity and a Mesh Coil heating core made by nexMESH Tech with a 1.4 Ohms resistance rating. The device features a Micro USB port to support fast charging for your device, ensuring that you can quickly recharge your device and continue vaping without worries. The 8.5 ml capacity for the e-juice combined with the right balance between power and performance ensures that the e-juice lasts as long as the device does. The Wotofo Ultra Vape Pen is designed to give you up to 3,000 flavorful puffs of dense vapor so you can experience what the very best disposable vape devices in the market have to offer at a fraction of the cost.

1. Puffs: Up to 3000 Puffs
2. E-liquid Capacity: 8.5ml,
3. Nicotine Strength: 5%,
4. Wire Coil Resistance: 1.4Ω mesh Coil(nexMesh Tech),
5. Battery Capacity: 550mAh,
6. Body Material: Food Grade PC,
7. Charging Port: Micro-USB,
8. Dimensions: 24.6*112.8mm.

14 Flavors Optional:
1.Watermelon Ice,
2.Grape Ice,
3.Strawberry Banana Ice,
4.Mango Peach Pineapple Ice,
5.Blueberry Raspberry Ice,
6.Strawberry Ice Cream,
7.Watermelon Ice Cream,
8.Guava Kiwi Passion Fruit,
9.Sour Apple,
10.Salt Lemon Cone,
11.Peach Lemonade,
Pineapple Coconut,
13.Gummy Bear,

Packing Details:
1*Wotofo Ultra Disposable Vape Device,

Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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