UV Air Sterilizing LED for Cassette & FCU

Sterilization rate: 99.95%,
Remote driver,
Remote controller,
Photocatalyst Spray,
10 times longer lifespan than ordinary LED,
OEM logo support.
2021 new arrival UV Air Sterilizing LED for Cassette & FCU. The combination of UVC+405nm UVA and TiO2 can achieve Triple killing. Under the irradiation of UV, TiO2 reacts in the filter screen to produce free radicals to achieve instant killing effect. One of the commonly used models in commercial air conditioning.
Dimensions: LED Strip: 21.5x1.3x0.45cm UVC: 3.5x3.5x1.42mm UVA: 3.5x3.5x3.12mm
Remote Driver: 8x3.1cm Photocatalyst Spray: 30ml (Not have liquid)
Weight: Gross Weight: 0.39KG Volume Weight: 0.25KG  
Electrical: Light Source Power: UVC 0.6W, UVA 2.6W
Radiant Power: UVC 10mW, UVA 1600mW
Kit Includes: 2*LED Strip 1*Photocatalyst spray 1*Remote Controller
1*Remote Driver 2*Protective Sticker 8*3M tape
8*Nylon Cable Tie 4*Metal Buckle  
Package Size: 27.1x10.6x4.9cm
Warranty: LED Strip 1 Year, Driver 2 Years.

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