LTQ Vapor Curer Kit 3 in 1

1.Design for Dry Herb, Wax, Oil,
2.Dry Herb Coil: 0.4ohm,
3.Curer Concentrate Coil: 0.65ohm,
4.Curer Oil Coil: 1.4ohm,
5.Size: 100*55*25mm.

LTQ Vapor Curer Kit is new launched 3 in 1 vaporizer kit, can be quickly smoking Dry Herb, Wax, or Oil, with three different coils.

Heat up quickly, smoke out in 5 seconds, no need to wait,
There is an air supply switch, which can suck out all the smoke in the water tank.
Automatically retrieve the resistance of the core and match the best mode (power mode/temperature control mode),
There are three cores in the suit, which can extract cream, flowers, and oil, and the cores can be replaced.
There is a water passing device, a cooling temperature, a magazine function, easy to decompose, and easy to clean.

1.Design for Dry Herb, Wax, Oil,
2.Temperature Adjustable Range: 60-315
140-600 °F,
3.Power Adjustable Range: 5-35W,
4.Cure Dry Herb Coil: 0.4ohm(VW: 0-35W, TC: 160-600 °F),
5.Cure Concentrate Coil: 0.65ohm(VW: 0-35W, TC: 160-600 °F),
6.Cure Oil Coil: 1.4ohm, 0.7ml(VW: 5-11W),
7.Working Temperature: -20-85
8.Working Voltage: 3.3-45.2V,

9.Battery Capacity: Built-in 1500mAh,
10.Material: PCTG+Zinc Alloy,
11.Size: 100*55*25mm.

Packing List:
1*Host Device,
1*0.4ohm Dry Herb Coil,
1*0.65ohm Concentrate Coil,
1*1.4ohm Oil Coil,
1*Supporting Tool,
10*Alcohol Swabs,
1*Cleaning Brush,
1*Duckbill Value Assembly,
3*Water Tank Seal 1,
3*Water Tank Seal 2,
1*Type C Cable,
1*User manual.   

Relative Device:

Curer Coils for LTQ Vapor Curer Kit

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