Newest iMini Twist VV Preheat Battery 350/650/900/1100/1300mAh

Five clicks for power on/off,
Two clicks preheating,
Twist adjust the battery voltage,
24PCS/25PCS each display box,
OEM/ODM Support.

1. Grade A battery cell, and real twist voltage adjustable, 
2. Five clicks for power on/off,
3. Two clicks preheating(15 seconds),
4. Twist adjust the battery voltage(3.3-4.8V),
5. 24PCS/25PCS each display box optional,
6. 350-1300mAh each 5pcs so is 25pcs in the display box, 
7. 650-1100mAh each 8pcs so is 24pcs in the display box,
8. Colors: Black, Silver, Cartoon Pattern,
9. Customized Logo, color support.

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