Free Touch Hand Purifying Sticker

1.Eco-friendly, 24/7 self-sanitizing for most surface,
2.Simple, Cost-effective, for commercial, schools, hospitals, offices, etc,
3.Durable lasting up to 12 months,
4.Safe to surface when removal, easy to use,
5.Visible back-to-clean sticker design.

What is Free Touch?

Free Touch is an antimicrobial sticker, designed for occasions when people have to touch something, that others can also touch. Its self-cleaning coating is able to readily remove bacteria and viruses from its surface anytime.

Free Touch cares for every tiny touch in life. A tiny sticker is able to let the surface clean and ready for your touch always.

How can you bring germs home?

Bacteria and viruses (germs) get passed between people and spaces via hands, mouth, surfaces, etc. They are invisible and exist anywhere, anytime. We have many public facilities that we have to touch, handles on buses, doors in offices, knobs in restrooms.

How can we reduce the germs when we have to touch something?

For individuals, before we touch, we can wear gloves, clean with sanitizer, or wash hands after we have to touch. Yes, they work but are not fit for everyone and every situation. We still suffer from the concerns of germs from strangers.

What if the surface itself can be self-cleaning, able to readily remove any bacteria and viruses on its surface?
Free Touch with Nano Titanium Dioxide(TiO2) is designed for this application.

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